The hot plane trip

Model: Uma Jolie

I was standing close enough to the stunningly beautiful woman to see the band of gold on the third finger of her perfectly manicured left hand as she handed the ticket agent her boarding pass.

I was struck by her beauty . Her brown hair was in a conservative business woman’s style. Her face, well her face would be envied by any actress or super model. The stylish dove- grey suit did little to hide her perfect figure. Her long legs were encased in dark nylon, her feet in high heel pumps.

Before she entered the jet way, she looked over her shoulder directly at me. Her big blue eyes couldn’t conceal what seemed to be a mixture of excitement and fear. She took a few long graceful strides and was swallowed up in the jet way.

My thoughts were interrupted by the announcement over the airport’s PA system. “Final call, Delta flight 308 is now ready to depart for Atlanta, all passengers should be on board.”

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