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A Red Deep Cleavage free sexy girl wallpaper | Kitty

This beautiful dark-hair and blue-eyed model is Kitty! Kitty came to us all the way from Latvia, where she lives in the capital, Riga. As you will soon get to see in her shows, Kitty has an immaculate body, and all of it is natural! You will be impressed by how fast she can turn up the heat! When Kitty isn’t working, she loves to go shopping to free her mind or do some sports in order to stay in shape. She will soon become one of your favorite models, hands down! — LATVIA, 37/25.5/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European [...]

Lavender Honey sexy wallpaper 1920×1080 | Mimi Cica

Mimi Cica looks like she has come straight out of a fairy tale, with her nordic blond hair and light green eyes. Fun fact! The word “Cica” means “Kitten” in Hungarian and perfectly defines this cute yet ferocious woman. Mimi’s life motto is “Shy on the streets, nasty in the sheets”, and she intends to stick to that motto! She is a very sport-oriented gal, and likes to take care of herself; healthy body, healthy mind! And if you’ve ever seen her body, you can definitely say it is much more than just healthy… Mimi speaks multiple languages including German, Hungarian, Finnish, Swedish, and English!!! A physically and intellectually attractive woman! — FINLAND, 35/26/36, BLOND, European [...]