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Miss Olivia is one of the most exquisite red-heads you’ll ever get to see! She is from Kieve, Ukraine, and is just 18 years old! Olivia is not only a great model who knows how to deliver a good strip, but she is also a great singer! She is overall quite good at activities that concern her mouth! She also loves to travel, although she has found that she prefers countries with cold climates, which is ironic considering how hot she is! — UKRAINE, 36/28.1/34, RED HAIR, European [...]

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Christy White is a stunning 21-year-old from Athens, Greece. Her beautiful golden hair, show-stopping smile, and perfect body will have you fall under her spell at the very sight of this angel. Her main hobbies include playing basketball, you’ll see for yourself that she’s quite a fan of bouncing! Christy also loves to dance for her own pleasure, and now for yours! Enjoy and feast your eyes on this precious gem! — GREECE, 31/26.5/34, BLOND, European [...]

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We present to you, Sylvia Buntarka, an 18 old Russian beauty, who’s stare will have you under her spell before you even realize it! Sylvia is a very sporty girl! She likes to stay fit and likes to work out when she feels a bit overwhelmed! She also practices yoga to keep her mind clear and happy! She also likes to travel, and was so happy to visit Paris, since it was her first time in France’s capital! Sylvia is also a great musician and not only plays the guitar but the piano as well! You will see how good of a tempo she has in her shows! — RUSSIA, 35/23.4/36, BLOND, European [...]