My Fuck story

Model: Gina Devine

“Each time I thrust my fuck-missile into Gina’s tender, tight little snatch, I remembered all over again why I was a fightin’ man in Uncle Sam’s little gun club. This was the cream of American womanhood right here, squirming noisily as she met my precision thrusts with moans and a few thrusts of her own.

From her beautiful, bodacious thighs, her amber waves of thick, sweet-smelling hair, to her nearly purple tipped mountainous majesties above the fruited plain of her wet, convulsing snatch, Grade “A” American pussy closeup like this had to be kept from the rest of the world. Innocent women like her, and the way of life she loved, had to be protected from those that would tear it down or try to take some of it for themselves.

It’s a tough job, I thought as Gina Devine erupted in a messy cum, but a man’s gotta do what he’s gotta do. Liz relaxed and went limp in the glowing afterburn of her orgasm. Me, I wasn’t nearly finished yet. I pulled my turgid meat truncheon out of her with a noisy, sucking sound, and told her to roll over onto her hands and knees. Outside the sun was just coming up and I planned to be too – I figured I could get another fifteen minutes of fucking out of this all –night session before I had to bail and go review the morning drill parade.

Personally, I hardly ever sleep. Sleep is for the weak. Sleep is for the non-vigilant who would keep their heads stuck up their asses while America’s enemies carried on their endless crusade to make a mockery of our precious way of life they did not understand.

These weighty thoughts ran through my mind as I plowed into Liz doggy style. The rising sun threw long slits of light on her back and ass through the Venetian blinds of the barracks house. as if from far away I could hear her urging me to fuck her, finish her off. But my finely-honed combat senses had gone into action, noticing a slight movement in the shadows outside the window, a couple voices mumbling in a strange foreign accent.

Even with most of my battle blasted brain down in my gonads, I knew it had to be trouble…” -Spank Meholf

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