I Ready To Fuck Alessandra Jane

Model: Alessandra Jane

She took her time, building the excitement up. She leaned her head back, closed her eyes and began to breath heavily as the moment of orgasm came closer. “Gonna cum!!” she said and then she half-grunted, half-moaned as her hips convulsed and her body shuddered. The sight of another girl having an orgasm was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. I masturbated furiously. Then I felt Alessandra Jane hand on my body. She caressed my belly and cupped my breasts Nude Wallpapers. I exploded. Powerful sensations surged from my pussy and flowed throughout my body. I rubbed my pussy faster than I ever had before. Each pulse seemed to get stronger and I felt my pussy spasm as if it took on a life of its own. It kept clenching and clenching and wave upon wave kept coming. Finally the sensations started to subside. Alessandra leaned over and kissed me nude wallpapers. After that day, Alessandra and I became almost inseparable. Two or three times a week would find us going to her house after school. Of course our parents thought we were studying. We would go to Sherrie’s bedroom and undress each other very slowly. Lots of touching and kissing nude wallpapers.

Then we would lay across her bed and begin to caress each other. Alessandra always liked to cum last, so eventually her hands would begin to feel me up with more intensity. I didn’t mind that she liked me to orgasm first. I was always ready.

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